Prostate massage


Prostate massage, or stimulation of the male prostate gland. The prostate is a male internal genital organ and one of the most important glands. It is an endocrine gland and during ejaculation it expels a fluid which forms as much as 30% of ejaculate. A healthy prostate shouldn't be painful to the touch, only pleasantly sensitive. A sedentary job, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, stress or an irregular sex life can all contribute towards an enlarged prostate.

Why prostate massage?

The prostate or male g-spot can also be seen as the centre of male emotions. A weakened prostate can cause complications in daily life, which can naturally have an impact on the sex life. Most men have no desire for a medical examination of the prostate as these procedures are quick, indelicate and in many cases painful. Men are increasingly considering intimate prostate massage not for purely diagnostic reasons but to uncover a new and thus far unknown side of arousal which they have not experienced during regular intimate contact. Stimulation of the male g-spot can release a great number of emotions. After the massage you may therefore experience feelings of joy, gratitude or in some cases even strong feelings of ecstasy. From a medical viewpoint, the massage helps pump blood into the prostate and loosens stagnation in the area.

Before the massage it's a good idea to visit the toilet so you won't suffer from any discomfort. It may help to have a lighter diet the day before the massage. The massage is carried out in hygienic gloves, which can barely be felt.

Massage procedure

The massage takes place on a mat on the ground, so the masseuse and client have enough space. We start with a massage of the buttocks, which is partially connected to a back and leg massage. To experience the highest possible enjoyment in this massage it is essential that the whole body is relaxed, and that the client feels comfortable and safe. After general relaxation of the muscles we concentrate on the buttocks, lower back and coccyx, which we relax with special massage techniques. I move around the groin and perineum. It is possible to massage the prostate indirectly through the perineum, which is the area between the penis and the anus. Massage of this area is very pleasant and arousing. Through this massage we build a feeling of trust - therefore I progress slowly and carefully so your body gets used to the subsequent touches around the anus. Before the internal massage we move around the anus for a longer while, where there are many nerve endings. A massage of this area is in itself very relaxing. Based on the combination of your body's reaction and my own intuition, I will ascertain whether it is appropriate to slowly move onto the internal massage. Your body sends plenty of signals and therefore you don't need to worry that anything will happen too hastily. It is also possible to communicate during the massage- you can tell me what you like or don't like. The length of the internal massage depends on you. The prostate massage can take place with you lying on either your stomach or on your back- it depends what is more pleasant for you. I recommend trying both variants. For the combined prostate and intimate parts massage it is best to be lying on your back as in this way you can relax sufficiently and feel the strong sensations of this combination. After the massage there is plenty of time to gradually readjust and then take a shower. I wish you a beautiful experience from this intense technique.