Classical and relaxation massages

Classical and relaxation massages

Reconditioning massage

This is one of the most popular techniques, above all due to its regenerating effect on the muscles. It aids in strengthening the physical condition, preventing stiff muscles and nourishing the general physical and mental state.

The reconditioning massage belongs to the classical massage category. The massage usually concentrates on the strained parts of the body, such as the back, the hands and the muscles in the lower body. Due to repeated exertion and repetitive motions, the muscles are also usually overstrained, which doesn't necessarily result in pain at first, but when making more intense movements we can feel more painful areas that we didn't feel before.

Massage is a pleasant, painless technique, which has a considerable effect on the psyche. It can remove tension and accumulated stress. Amongst other things, it also:

- helps relax and regenerate muscles

- increases blood flow to the skin and clears away dead skin

- supports the lymphatic system and helps wash away toxins

- increases joint flexibility

- eases pain in the musculoskeletal system

Massage does not serve as a substitute for regular exercise. It is an ideal supplement to regular physical activity.

Massage for back pain

This is a very effective technique, which combines three types of massage. These are classical back massage, foot reflexology massage and Breuss massage. We start with a reflexology massage, which particularly focuses on relaxing the spine and the trapezius muscles. It also concentrates on the important points on the soles of the feet, which can help relax problem areas. We then move onto a classical back massage, kneading stiff muscles and again focusing on problem areas. The massage concludes with a delicate Breuss massage, which concentrates on the muscles around the backbone, and nourishes the spinal discs thanks to the use of St. John's wort oil. This technique is also beneficial for people who have long-term problems with calming themselves, and feel agitated and stressed. Reflexology massage combined with Breuss massage helps soothe the mind, and equally, as the name of the massage suggests, it is effective in eliminating back pain.

For this technique to be effective and in order for their to be enough time to carry out all the types of massage, it is necessary to reserve a minimum of 90 minutes of your time.

Reflexology foot massage

We can find nerve endings in all our extremities e.g the hands or feet. The foot has the largest surface area, therefore the reflex areas of the feet are the most effective place to work on.

The foot displays a map of our body, on which individual organs are shown. In the case of paired organs, such as the lungs or kidneys, we can find their reflex areas on the soles of both our feet. For single organs, such as the heart, spleen or liver, their reflex areas on the side corresponding to their location in the body. In this way we can easily orient ourselves on the map.

Exerting pressure stimulates the individual areas and this pressure sends a signal to the brain, which will subsequently influence processes in our body.

Reflexology massage helps:

-ease pain

-eliminate migraines and spinal pain

-ease psychological stress

-harmonise glandular function

-increase the ability to concentrate

Honey detox massage

This massage is carried out with bee honey. The heated honey is applied to the back, knees, elbows, shoulders or other parts of the body. The honey is gently spread on the skin, which we then stimulate with special pumping touches. This process helps remove harmful substances from the organism.

Effects of honey massage:

  • calms the nerve system
  • increases lymphatic system flow
  • removes toxins and salts
  • increases immunity
  • noticeably improves blood circulation

Manual lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a gentle technique whose goal is to speed up the flow of lymphs from the tissue back into the bloodstream, which carries impurities and toxins to the cleansing organs, such as the kidneys or liver. These then remove these harmful substances from the body in a natural way.

If the lymphatic system isn't active, its operation will be slowed. The lymphatic systém doesn't have a pump, and it can therefore happen that, due to lack of movement, sedentary work, or after an injury or operation, lymph can begin to accumulate. This most commonly occurs in the legs, hands or face. The body retains water, resulting in cellulite and puffiness.

With the help of directed and precisely determined [R1] techniques it is possible to activate the lymph and wash the toxins out of the body. The technique not only has an excellent effect but is also gives pleasant relaxation due to its delicate execution.

Lymphatic massage:

  • removes cellulite
  • reduces puffiness in the legs
  • treats/cures swelling after operations
  • improves lymph flow, helps detox the organism
  • boosts the immune system

Hot stones massage

A relaxation-energetic massage with hot stones straight from the Hawaiian islands. The stones are capable of holding heat for a long time, thus increasing the effectiveness of the massage.

The massage has a large regenerative effect on the whole organism. It warms up the muscles, thereby relaxing stiff parts of the body, and stimulating the blood flow and lymphatic system.

The combination of warm stones and massage touches can ease cramp and headaches, as well as help overcome premenstrual syndrome, through strongly heating the area around the pelvis, where energy can stagnate. The stones help pump blood around this area and allow energy to flow freely. They strengthen and harmonise the body.