Intimate massages


Intimate reconditioning massage

This very pleasant combination of classical and intimate massage ensures relaxation of the muscles and subsequently the whole psyche. For a high-quality intimate massage it is essential that we do not feel tension in the muscles as this tension could be a barrier to enjoying the intimate experience. We begin the full body massage by massaging the back of the lower limbs and then move onto the buttocks and back. After turning over we continue by massaging the upper limbs [R1] , the lower limbs and the chest. Following very pleasantly on from this, we then glide into the intimate massage, with its slow, gentle touches. This leads to complete relaxation of the whole body. This massage is suitable for those who like dynamic touch combined with intimacy and arousal/excitement.

Sensual relaxation massage

A deeply relaxing massage, which relieves accumulated stress with the help of the essential oil Ylang Ylang. This harmonising full-body massage starts with a pressure massage, where we establish contact with the body of the client and familiarise them with our touch. We continue with an oil massage of the whole body. The ylang-ylang scent gives a sensual aroma, which intensifies the perception and enjoyment of the whole massage. Ylang Ylang is considered an aphrodisiac, and has a calming and harmonising effect. It also helps combat insomnia, lowers blood pressure and relieves muscle tension.

The two-hour massage includes a face and head massage, which is recommended for people suffering from stress.

Hawaiian ritual Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi or loving hands is a technique regarded as a pearl amongst massages. The philosophy of this exotic massage comes from the Hawaiian islands and it aims to bring about total harmony. The key to this massage lies in its use of the forearms, elbows, palms and fingers. Using long, wide, sweeping touches brings deep relaxation of the muscles and harmonisation of the organism. It's one of a range of energetic massages which adapts itself to the client's needs. It can be performed as a full-body relaxation massage or focus on potential blocks which have arisen in the body.

This is an energising full-body massage which supports the blood circulation, reduces headache pain and has a positive effect on the lymphatic systém. The whole body is massaged with organic coconut oil.

Long sensual strokes are used throughout the whole massage, energising the body.

The concluding intimate massage is the crowning glory of this experience.